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The Eiffel Tower puzzle

Here’s the solution to the Eiffel Tower puzzle from Adam Exx Leviticus. You might remember that the question was:
The Eiffel Tower is 300 metres high. Let’s pretend that you could place it in a totally flat, featureless landscape and that you are standing five hundred metres away looking at it. Suddenly it shrinks to a third its size, so that it is now 100 metres high. Under what conditions would you not be able to tell that it had shrunk?
The answer is you wouldn’t know it had shrunk if you had shrunk by the same amount at the same time.
Adam encounters this in Leviticus. We relate the size of our universe to the size of our bodies. If our bodies are small enough, then our universe could fit into a matchbox. It happened!
Read all about it in the Adam Exx trilogy



Adam Exx Genesis

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Adam Exx: Genesis (Book 1)the trilogy begins

Adam is a successful young Sydney lawyer with a pretty wife and two daughters. His orderly world begins to fall apart one morning when his commuter train stops in a tunnel and everything else stops, too. There is no sound, no movement. This marks the beginning of a terrifying discovery of who Adam is and the nature of the world in which he is living.

Adam Exx: Genesis explores a new interpretation of reality and offers an intriguing alternative to the theories of creation.

Adam Exx Exodus

Adam Exx: Exodus (Book 2) continues the epic account of the first man on earth.

Adam is trying to lead a fulfilling life as a lawyer, but God-like Nigel Chandler coerces him into joining The Study Corporation, constructing human memory. Adam goes to work in a vast canyon-like building called The Cone, where his world and those of other ‘Adamites’ are created each according to his own expectation. He meets up again with Rimini, the girl he’d loved and lost. Just as his life seems to be reaching stability, Adam finds Sydney decaying around him and is offered a frightening choice.

Adam Exx Leviticus

Leviticus front cover copyAdam Exx Leviticus (Book 3) joins the dots. The true story of creation is realised.

Towering challenges confront Adam as he returns to The Cone where he must decide whether to join the rest of mankind in brainlife or live alone as Sydney decays around him. Adam is pushed to his limits as he tries to fit into a world recalibrated by The Study Corporation in its continuing experiment with humanity.  Just as Adam senses that his torment is over, a calamity changes everything. Adam uncovers the truth about mind architecture, flying, land rights and the creation of the Universe. Leviticus brings the Adam Exx trilogy to a shattering conclusion.